Mobile app UX-analytics
Improve retention and conversion rate in your apps
Video Recordings
Video recordings of real users using your app. Understand how you can improve it and solve all issues.
Aggregated data on all user actions on each screen of your app.
Conversion Funnels
Analyze exactly what happens when users close the app on the last stage of the conversion funnel.
Record video of your users sessions in those
everyday activities
Set up events for any session that you want to analyze
Build a conversion funnel based on events and screens
Watch sessions of each stage of your conversion funnel
Optimize your app!
We care about personal data. UserX automatically hides password and secure fields. Furthermore, you can hide any screens or fields with sensitive information from recoding.

Our services respond to requirements of GDPR.
2 minutes SDK integration
Low CPU usage. Flow of traffic - less than 1 MB/min
We store data in accordance with the strictest security standards
Why UserX?
Less demanding than
Our screen recording technology reduces CPU usage by 8% and traffic
flow by 12%
Great pricing
Less demanding technologies allow us a chance to offer you probably the best price-quality ratio on the market
Our aim is to make you the best offer and provide you with the most effective decisions