Lightweight visual analytics

SDK for your mobile applications

UX-analytics solution for designers, marketers and business owners

Third party integrations

Video recordings of user sessions

Recordings of apps usage will help you to gain the most important insight into your users behavior, understand how they use the app and identify issues they face. Analyse video sessions to improve your app and retain your audience in the most efficient way.

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USERX automatically hides password fields, and also provides the ability to hide any fields with personal user data.

Touch heatmaps

Explore touch heatmaps to optimize UI of your mobile application. How users interact with your app, which elements seem clear and accustomed to them and which escape those attention.

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User flows

User flows will show you exactly how your audience navigate through your mobile application. Optimize your screen map to enhance communication with your users. Shorten the activation period and reduce churning by creating the perfect user experience.

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Logging and playback

of crashes



Capture all gestures

and touch points

Analytics services

for your app

Focus on your product, we will take care of all analytical issues.

We will tell you:

How your mobile app can make more


Why people remove or don’t come back

to your app?

How to reduce users churn?

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Easy integration

Low power consumption

Remote video management

Add just 2 lines of code to your app.

Low CPU usage. Flow of traffic - less than 1 MB/min.

Start and stop video recording when you need it.

The result of

using USERX

Analyse users behavior. Fix even the tiniest mistakes of your interface and make the logic and navigation in your mobile app more simple and accustomed to your audience. Help your mobile app to earn more.

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Increase retention rates

Playing bugs and crashes helps you save time to fix them

The reduction of the activation of users.

Get more profit from

your app.

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