Qualitative analysis of the app UX and gesture usability

A complete picture about all users gestures on every screen of your app
Mobile app heatmap
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Touch heatmap is the easiest and most intuitive way to learn how users interact with each screen of your app. UserX automatically combines all touch gestures (taps, swipes, pinches, etc.) in each of your app's screens and create a visual touch heatmap

A complete picture about all users gestures on every screen of your app

Explore UX with UserX Heatmap Tool

Enhanced usability of the app

UserX shows where your users are interacting on a given screen, to no avail – otherwise known as unresponsive gestures.
These are frustrating moments for your users that need to be remedied immediately.
Enhanced usability of the app with UserX Heatmaps
Alongside the heatmap, UserX automatically collects data on the number of screen opens and average usage time. To conduct more detailed research, UserX offers Screen flows feature, which allows you to walk through the entire user journey and analyze each step along the way.

Simple CJM research

Mobile app users CJM

New data for UX analytics

Discover a powerful tool for conducting qualitative analysis of app usage. You can seamlessly conduct A/B testing and accurately evaluate the effectiveness of new design solutions.
UX analytics

Private & Secured

UserX does not record any personal or sensitive information. User Data is stored and secured according to the strictest security standards

Easy integration

Lightweight & Perfomance

UserX SDK can be integrated with a few lines of code and less than 5 minutes of your time
UserX SDK is lightweight (less then 1MB) and works in the background without impacting your app's performance. Data is uploaded when the app goes in the background.

UserX Heatmap Tool is perfect for

UX designers

Evaluate the usability and improve the UX-design of your app.

Developers and QA engineers

Rage Taps detection in Heatmaps is the most convenient way to identify and fix bugs in the app

Product Managers

Get a graphical representation of CJM and build new hypotheses for improvements
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