Conversion Funnels

Optimise conversions and improve customer journey in your app
Mobile App Conversion Funnels
Conversion funnels
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UserX empowers you to create conversion funnels using in-app events or user screens. Just add the necessary steps of the funnel, and the platform will promptly display the user count for each step.

Create custom conversion funnels

Create custom conversion funnels

Analyze user behavior in the app

At each step of the conversion funnel, you can find out where users dropped off. With UserX, you gain access to session recordings of users who have left and and find out what causes a decrease in conversions.
Analyze user behavior in the app
Analyze user actions using a range of filters or import your own segments from AppsFlyer or custom reports. Explore user behavior within different segments of your app audience, starting from their first session.

User Segmentation

User Segmentation Tool

Improve app conversion rates

Gain precise insights into user behavior at every stage of the funnel. UserX provides you with reliable data, allowing you to identify the exact points where customers are churning. By swiftly addressing any shortcomings, you can effectively minimize churn and optimize your conversion rates.
Improve app conversion rates

Private & Secured

UserX does not record any personal or sensitive information. User Data is stored and secured according to the strictest security standards

Easy integration

Lightweight & Perfomance

UserX SDK can be integrated with a few lines of code and less than 5 minutes of your time
UserX SDK is lightweight (less then 1MB) and works in the background without impacting your app's performance. Data is uploaded when the app goes in the background.

The Conversion Funnel tool will be useful for:


Study the user's journey in the app, find new ideas to increase conversions to sales and reduce advertising costs.

Product managers

Get a full scope of information about users and find growth points in the app

Mobile app developers and testers

With session recordings you can explore any app bug in detail

Improve your app today

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