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Improve app stability
Session recordings with crashes
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With UserX all app crashes are documented and logged in a separate section, ensuring a comprehensive record of each incident. The crash log captures crucial details, including the initial and final occurrence of the error.

Crash Statistics

Crash Statistics

Session recordings with crashes

UserX provides session recordings of user actions that caused the crash. This valuable feature enables developers and QA engineers to immediately identify the reason and fix the problem.
Session recordings with crashes
Developers and QA engineers can conveniently mark fixed bugs and add comments directly within the UserX interface. No problem goes unattended.

Tracking of fixed crashes

Tracking of fixed crashes

Improve your app

Identifying and resolving bugs quickly will help you maintain a high level of user loyalty and gather ideas for continuous app improvement.
Improve your app

Private & Secured

UserX does not record any personal or sensitive information. User Data is stored and secured according to the strictest security standards

Easy integration

Lightweight & Perfomance

UserX SDK can be integrated with a few lines of code and less than 5 minutes of your time
UserX SDK is lightweight (less then 1MB) and works in the background without impacting your app's performance. Data is uploaded when the app goes in the background.

Who is the Crash Replay made for?

Developers and QA engineers

Get detailed crash data and improve app quality

Product Managers

Stay updated and have full assurance in your app's functionality by staying connected and aware of its performance


Use UserX to instantly analyze bugs with session recordings
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