Monthly Active Users (MAU)

Monthly Active Users (MAU): Similar to DAU, but measures the number of unique users over a month.

What are Monthly Active Users (MAU) for a Mobile App?

Monthly Active Users (MAU) is a key performance metric in mobile app analytics that measures the number of unique users who interact with the app over the course of a month. Similar to Daily Active Users (DAU), MAU provides insights into the broader, long-term engagement trends of the app. A high MAU is indicative of a strong, sustained user base, suggesting that the app maintains ongoing relevance and value to its users.

MAU is particularly useful for:

  1. Assessing Long-Term Engagement: Understanding the app's ability to retain users over a longer time frame than DAU.
  2. Strategic Planning: Using MAU data for making informed decisions regarding app updates, marketing strategies, and feature rollouts.
  3. Evaluating Growth and Health: Tracking the month-over-month changes in MAU to gauge the app's growth and overall health.
  4. Benchmarking Success: Comparing the app’s performance against industry standards and competitors.

To boost MAU, focus on strategies that enhance user retention, such as improving app functionality, offering regular content updates, personalizing the user experience, and engaging users through targeted marketing campaigns. Understanding and optimizing MAU is essential for long-term success and sustainability of the app.

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