Analytics services for your mobile app from USERX

Analytics services for your app

We offer a comprehensive solution for mobile application Analytics. We provide services for search and problem solving UX/UI.

Main / USERX is not just an application Analytics service!

USERX is not just an application Analytics service!

We provide a comprehensive Analytics service for your apps.

We will carry out a full expert analysis of the mobile application, identify the bottlenecks of logic and interface. We will help you to structure all the problems and offer solutions. We will reduce the cost of testing and error correction, increase the number of regular users and optimize the advertising budget. We will be glad to advise you on any issues at any stage of the development of your application.

The work includes:

—  the integration of Analytics into your mobile application
— detailed product analysis and identification of problem areas
— preparation of a list of recommendations for solving the problems found
— development plan for the update of your application
— training to work with the service
— operational technical and information support

We will also help you to create technical specifications for developers, based on the results of the data. Start to use the services of Analytics applications from USERX today! We are happy to answer all your questions!