Video recording of user sessions

Video recording user behavior with capture of all gestures and dots touchs will help to understand whether it is convenient for the user to interact with app interface. The tool allows you to quickly detect all the problem areas in the application interface and understand exactly where the user behaves not quite as expected at the design stage.


Mobile app Analytics is an important aspect of your communication with your audience. The convenience of the interface affects the effectiveness of promotion and selling ability. Using ALL the functionality of the userx mobile application Analytics service, you can easily adapt your application to the needs of the target audience. Video sessions are easily filtered, you don’t have to view all sessions in a row, it is enough to filter them by conditions, for example, the manufacturer devices or operating system version, application version, or sessions with crachami. By integrating with third-party Analytics tools, you can identify even the narrowest audience segments and understand how those users interact with your app.

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